Respecting all ethnic groups’ needs and creating sections like a non-halal section for non-muslim customers to shop for their needs of food and groceries. Providing a community thought based store for convenience and peace of mind shopping.

Bill Payments

License Renewal

Non-Halal Section



BSN Agent Services

  • Deposits

  • Cash Withdrawal

  • Bill Payment

  • eSSP Purchase

  • Cashless Payment

  • Prepaid Top-up

  • 电单代付服务
    Electricity Bills Payment Service
  • 电话单代付服务
    Phone Bills Payment Service
  • 水费代付服务
    Water Bills Payment Services
  • 存款服务
    Bank Saving Services
  • 存款转帐服务
    Deposit Transfer Services
  • 驾照更新服务
    Renew Driving License Services
  • 外劳执照更新服务
    Renew Foreign Worker License Services 
  • Touch ‘n Go 加值
    Top up Touch ‘n Go Service